3d Design

3D design is a tool that is used more and more in jewelry so that the customer can visualize their jewelry before it begins to be manufactured. In this way, each client can make all the modifications that he wants to the jewel without causing the expenses to skyrocket and thus reach the jewel he wants, saving all the creation process that was needed before for customization.

Another feature of this technology is that it allows us to see the jewel from all its angles and also to test different combinations of stones and metals.


Likewise, once the design is validated, it allows us to 3D print the jewel so that the client can see exactly how his jewel will look and also to make some final adjustments.


Another advantage of 3D design and 3D printing is the saving of time that is achieved and the corresponding economic savings.


For all these reasons, at Kreivo we are committed to including, adapting and promoting new technologies in jewelry without ceasing to be a craft and manual trade.