Wax modeling

The technique of sculpture and wax modeling is used in jewelry because it allows a freer expression and with fewer restrictions than metal.

Likewise, the advantage of wax is that it can be changed more easily than metal and using less time and material. The wax work also allows us to see what the jewel looks like because we cut it in the wax and to have directly the real size of the jewel. In this way, we can directly adjust the size and shapes of the jewel we manufacture to adapt it both to the design and to the size previously validated with the customer.

The wax carving process is relatively straightforward to understand but more complicated to perform than it seems at first glance.

The first thing that is done with wax once the drawing has been validated with the client is to trace the general shapes of the part then gradually and carefully, we remove material and add more, if necessary, until finally reaching the result. desired final.

This technique also allows us to create more organic shapes and thus give it a different style and with more movement than if we were doing it only in metal.

Another advantage of wax is that it is not necessary to make the whole piece of jewelry. We can limit ourselves to molding the most complex or organic shapes to join them subsequently to the work done in the metal and thus give life to the desired jewel.