Terms and Conditions

- Steps to continue to hire:

For purchase some well-available on the web page you should be added to the cart with the correct size if it was missing. Once all the desired goods have been added to the cart, the payment process will be made at the end of which a confirmation mail with the order number and the items corresponding to that order will be sent.

In the case of wanting a personalized jewel, an email will be sent to the following address, customjewel@kreivo.net.

After the necessary exchanges you will be sent a contract to be sent to the client that you must sign and return for the march setting of the manufacture of your jewel. The manufacture of the jewel will not start until you have confirmed the reception of the corresponding payment.

- Product or service subject to contract:

On this web page you can buy the products offered in it. That is, the different jewels that are on sale on this website.

The personalized jewelry service will be contracted through a private and personal contract between the company and the client.