My commitment to quality

My commitment to quality is very important. How many times have any of my friends or family shown me some of their jewelry with a manufacturing defect or simply because some of the stones that the jewelry was wearing has fallen and they have lost it because it was not well done. Or even that they no longer wear that jewel that they bought because it hurts them due to a pinching corner or some burr that scrapes them when putting it on.

For this reason, before finally sending the product, several tests are carried out so that none of this happens. That the stones always remain in place and that it does not harm the user in any possible way.

Kreivo jewelry will always have the manufacturer's stamp and the stamp of the metal used. That is, the 18-karat gold for first grade gold for example.

For this same reason, our commitment to quality, we offer 2-year warranties for all types of repairs or cleaning, adjustments, etc.

The warranty does not cover the purchase of new stones if they have been dropped and lost. It also does not cover the necessary material in case of having to enlarge the jewel.