My Methods

The methods that I use to make jewellery are varied and inclusive. In other words, I make the jewellery by hand, but am always open to  new working methods that can increase the quality of the jewellery made.

Everything I use for the creation of the jewellery from the beginning to end and regardless of the technology used, is oriented to making jewellery that is of excellent quality and makes the vision that the client had in his mind come true.

   The technologies currently used are 3D design together with 3D printing and modeling wax. Both the wax mold and the impression go through the lost wax casting process in order to create the pieces in metal.

But not all jewelry needs all of these processes. Some only need part of this process and others do not go through any of these and are done entirely by hand.

The jewellery is pre-polished in a magnetic polisher but always receives the finishing touches and polishing by hand.