My way of working 

The way I work adapts to each client but in general they can always be highlighted


Various guidelines.


The first thing is always to know who the customer is, to know him beyond a simple name in the shipping address.


Afterwards, brainstorming is done either with the client because he wants to be 100% involved in the whole process or on my part.


Then I make some sketches with the best ideas and show it to the client so that he can tell me what he thinks. And see with which of the three sketches we continue working or with some fusion or modification of some of them.


Then I develop the chosen sketch in 3D to begin to see it a little more real and that it can be appreciated as it could be.


Once the client validates the 3d design, I print it and send it home so that they can see the jewel, touch it, manipulate it and see if they like it live.


Up to here the client can make all the modifications that he wants.


Once the client definitively validates the design, I am in charge of making it.