My way of working 

I always adapt to each client but here are the main points: 

The first aim is always to know who the customer is, to know him/her beyond a simple name in the shipping address.

Afterwards, brainstorming is done either with the client because he/she wants to be 100% involved in the whole process, on my own if this is not the case, or a mixture of both.


 I make some sketches with the best ideas and show it to the client so that he/she can tell me what he/she thinks. From the three initial sketches we continue working, adapting or modifying as needed..

 The chosen sketch is then made in 3D to begin to make it a little more real and be better appreciated.

Once the client validates the 3D design, I print it and send it to them so they can see the jewellery, touch it, wear it and see if they really like it.

Up to here the client can make all the modifications that he/she wants.

Once the client is fully satisfied with  the design, I make it to the desired requirements.